Hand Dryers Save Money In The Work Place
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A great and often overlooked area to save money in the work place is in the wash room by simply replacing your paper towels with an automatic hand dryer. The first thought, the knee jerk reaction of most people when suggesting this is the initial up front costs associated with a good hand dryer, especially if there are several floors and several toilets to consider, but consider this. Most good hand dryers will actually pay for them selves in under a year. After which time you will never have to spend money on paper towels again. Most businesses are horrified when they actually add up the amount of money spent on towels each year. How many people take just one? Of course you don’t, it’s virtually impossible to take just one! You will always grab a huge hand full then throw the rest in the bin. Or at least aim for the bin and hope for the best! How many people take a hand full for their draws or hand bags? Lets face it, your not going police the toilets?!

I guess the point we are trying to drive home is people will always use much more paper than they need meaning more wasted money! Investing in a good hand dryer that will dry hands in under 10 seconds will eliminate all of this waste. Our eco hand dryers will actually deliver 100 dries for less than 2 pence.

Is it time for you to throw in the towel!!?

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