Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer Products
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Our Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer Products

Everyone’s keen to reduce their carbon footprint and buying eco friendly hand dryer products means that you’re taking a step in the right direction. Key features to look out for in an eco friendly hand dryer products include low drying time, wastewater collection, and energy efficiency.

We have a wide range of products that help to save the planet while also saving you money on your electricity bill! Here are some of our top choices…

The MX2000W – £115– click to view Eco Friendly Hand Dryer products -

Our cheapest specifically eco friendly hand dryer products include; 

The Jet Blade Eco has a 10 second hand drying time that is  75% more energy efficient than the majority of popular options.  It’s also one of the quietest hand dryers in the eco category at only 75db.

The VBlast – £159.90– click to view  Eco Friendly Hand Dryer products - VBlast-500w

This compact electric hand dryer is only half the size of a sheet of A4 paper, which makes it a great choice for smaller bathrooms.

Despite its size, it’ll leave your hands dry in an average of 8-10 seconds while keeping quiet at under 70db.

The special eco-friendly cool air setting makes this the most energy efficient hand dryer in the world, costing only around 2p for every 110 uses!

The Cyclone – £160– click to view  Eco Friendly Hand Dryer products - Cyclone-550w

Another option with several benefits, The Cyclone operates as quietly as a regular dishwasher, has 22 individual mini air jets. 

A hidden water collection tray allows you to dispose of wastewater easily and hygienically.

Because of its cold air setting, this eco-friendly hand dryer can operate on only 550w of power.

The HD360W – £191.99 – click to view  Eco Friendly Hand Dryer products - HD360W-900w

This nozzle dryer is the only one of its kind that operates at an eco-friendly 900w.

It has a good drying time of 12-15 seconds and uses an infra-red sensor to shut off the airflow when hands are removed from under the nozzle, avoiding the energy wastage that is normally associated with nozzle dryers.

The Ninja – £354 – click to view Eco Friendly Hand Dryer Products Ninja

One of our best selling electric hand dryer products is The Ninja, it’s in a class of its own. Dual jet blades mean that the front and back of your hands are dried at the same time, taking only 12 seconds in total!

Even though it’s our most powerful eco-friendly option, it puts out a minimal 72db of noise which is around the volume of an average conversation!

The Ninja can dry 100 pairs of hands for just 3 pence, meaning it will only cost the average business around £5 per year in running costs.

Conclusion; Why buy Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer Products from Blow Motion?

All of these eco-friendly electric hand dryers will help to reduce your electric bill while giving your customers a pleasant bathroom experience and keeping your energy efficiency conscience clean!

In addition to this, we offer free 48 hour mainland UK delivery for all orders over £100 and each hand dryer comes with a 2 year guarantee for breakdowns. To top it all off, our multi-buy discounts mean that you’ll save 5% if you buy 4 dryers, 10% if you buy 8, and 12.5% if you buy 12 or more.

If you’re interested, make sure to check out our full range of eco friendly electric hand dryer products, contact us online if you have any questions, or give us a call on 0800 002 9678.