Do Hand Dryers Improve Washroom Efficiency?
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The everlasting debate between hand dryers vs paper towels tends to weigh in heavily when washroom efficiency is discussed, as well as hand dryers potentially blowing air containing bacteria and viruses onto your hands. Before we start the debate of why we think hand dryers improve the efficiency within a washroom, we’d love to know what you think. Team yes or no?

Here’s a fun fact – hand dryers can become much more efficient when not using heat. This is why cold air and hygienic hand dryers with air filters have become exceedingly popular in commercial washrooms. There are many contributing factors that have to be considered when choosing the right hand dryer for a washroom, one of them being whether or not it is efficient enough to perform.

Top 5 reasons why hand dryers improve the efficiency in a washroom

Reduces Environmental Impact
There are many businesses that choose the recycled paper towels option to be more environmentally friendly as they are led to believe it can be recycled over and over again. This, however, is a misconception. Recycled paper towels cannot be recycled again and therefore they end up in landfills, impacting the environment even more so. With the right hand dryer, it can significantly reduce the impact we have on the environment.

A research study by the Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was able to show the comparison between some of the most common ways to dry hands. Warm air hand dryers and paper towels generate up to 70% more carbon emissions than the newest technology available. So we think it might be time for many businesses to throw out the old hand dryer types and invest in the future with high technology dryers.

Energy efficient hand dryers that possess advanced designs and the latest technology are able to dry hands quicker, meaning users will have a more pleasant and easier experience.

Reduces Costs
Various studies have shown that the average washroom users uses 2-3 paper towels at once when they dry their hands. This ultimately costs over an estimated £1000 a year to supply and replace the paper towels. Which do you think is quicker and more hygienic – drying hands with paper towels or drying your hands with a high-speed hand dryer which can dry your hands in less than 20 seconds?

The Ninja Jet Blade hand dryer is at a cost of £354.00 – would you still opt for the expense of paper towels?

Enhances Hygiene
There are many dryers which are designed specifically for hygiene purposes. They feature air filters and the jet blade hands in are the most popular in washroom environments. With these kind of hand dryers, it promotes hygiene and reduces the spreading of bacteria and germs.

The prevention of bacterial spread is dependent on how thoroughly we wash our hands, and it’s essential washroom users are aware of the right hand washing techniques overall. Hand dryers simply make the process more efficient and speed it up a little.

cleaning hands

Meets Demands
This factor contributes to busy environments, such as clubs, restaurants, and large offices for example. When many users are using washroom facilities, equipment needs to perform to a standard that is hygienic and efficient. Hand dryers are able to meet the demands of washroom users needing to dry their hands. Paper towels in busy washroom environments leads to mess, uncleanliness and potential hygiene problems if they are not properly disposed of.

Better User Experience
Although the decision-making process for washroom users comes down to their personal preference, many still opt for paper towels rather than a hand dryer. The use of dryers can slash waiting times by up to 20 seconds, and that’s important if you’re wanting to get back to your food, or if you’re looking to go bust some moves in your favourite nightclub.

It’s without a doubt that hand dryers improve washroom efficiency, especially for an enhanced user experience. With increased drying times, better hygiene levels and cleanliness, paper towels now seem more of a task not only to users but for the environment too.

If you’re on the lookout for the ideal hand dryer for your washroom, feel free to browse our selection or alternatively, get in touch with us and we can advise the best solution available for you.

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