Hot Air Hand Dryers vs Cold Air Hand Dryers
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Previous debates about hand dryer hygiene, cost, and the environment have centred on paper towels and hand dryers with questions asked about which is the better option. The popular view on this matter has settled with hand dryers being the most cost effective, hygienic, and environmentally friendly way of drying hands. Attention has now turned towards the matter of which type of dryer succeeds most in these areas, provoking another debate, hot air hand dryers vs cold air hand dryers.

Knowing the difference between the two is important to your business. You want to consider the benefits that each options have, such as how energy efficient they each are, their cost, your carbon footprint, and hygiene effectiveness. Blow Motion can help you choose the right hand dryer for your washroom with our expert knowledge.

The Big Debate: Cold Air vs Hot Air

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Hot Air Hand Dryers


hot air hand dryers
Blow Motion HD360p


The more traditional of the two, hot air hand dryers have always been a popular choice and are the most commonly used type in commercial settings. They work by using a heating element to heat up the air and blow it onto your hands, speedily evaporating water. If speed and efficiency are the most important factors to you when making your choice, then hot air may be the best option for you. Using heat to dry hands will likely always be a quicker alternative to cold air.

Hot air hand dryers are also energy efficient. The Blow Motion HD360P Commercial Hand Dryer with rotating nozzle uses an impressive 900w making it super energy efficient.

Cold Air Hand Dryers


cold air hand dryer
Blow Motion VBlast


Cold air hand dryers work in the same way as their hot air counterparts, but with a cooler temperature and feel. Instead of evaporating the water, they use speed and cool air to blow the water away.

The main difference between cold and hot air products is in energy efficiency and cost. Cold air hand dryers use 80% less energy than the hot air alternative, so if cutting the cost of energy bills is your main concern then cold air is the way to go. Your electricity usage could be as little as 2 pence for around 110 dries with the VBlast. In addition to this, given that generating cold air uses less energy, it’s even more environmentally friendly than hot air.

Hand dryers using cold air are also very hygienic, generally more so than hot air. The reason for this is that the cold plasma effect that cold air has propagates antimicrobial properties which kills germs and bacteria both in the dryer and on hands.

The Big Reveal – Cold or Hot Air?

Ultimately, the answer lies in what you are concerned with and what will benefit you and your business. After all, both options are energy efficient, cost effective, hygienic, and environmentally friendly.

However, if you’re someone who’s concerned with all of these factors and wants to find ways of decreasing cost, energy, and carbon footprint as much as possible, then cold air hand dryers are the best way to do this. The benefits of cold air hand dryers just beats out their hot air alternatives.

If you’re still struggling to make a decision between hot air and cold air as you see the benefits in both, Blow Motion has products such as the VBlast Compact with the ability to alternate between warm and cold air giving you the best of both worlds.

Browse our website to see more of our commercial hand dryers and give our friendly expert team a call on 0800 002 9678 to order your Blow Motion dryer today!