How to find good value hand dryers
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How to find good value hand dryers

Buying commercial hand dryers can be challenging when it’s time to update your washroom but you’re constrained by a budget. A lot of the leading commercial hand dryer brands come with premium prices. Our goal at Blow Motion is to offer premium level products that compete with market leaders while keeping our prices as low as we can. In other words – we sell cheap hand dryers that are just as good as expensive ones!


Hand Dryer Price

One of the main selling points of automatic, electric hand dryers is that they save you money compared to using paper towels in your washrooms. The majority of our dryers cost under 10p per 100 dries, with some as low as 2p per 100 dries.

The benefits of this excellent energy efficiency, however, can be offset by the initial purchasing and installation costs of an expensive electric hand dryer versus those of paper towels. This is especially the case for larger businesses who need to buy tens of hand dryers for their premises.

At Blow Motion, we want to make electric hand dryers the easy choice over paper towels by making them affordable while maintaining excellent quality.

We achieve this by saving you money in several ways…


Cheap Hand Dryers

Our products are priced excellently, starting from £115 inclusive of VAT for the MX2000w with our most expensive hand dryer, The Ninja, coming in at £354 including VAT.

These exceptionally cheap prices can save you huge amounts of money, even if you’re only buying one or two dryers, leaving you with more of your budget to spend on other elements of your business. Not only are our hand dryers cheap, they’re energy efficient. Energy efficient washroom dryers will save you money in the long term with low electricity costs.


Eco friendly hand dryerjet blade hand dryer


Hand Dryer Offers and Discounts

As well as having cheap starting prices, we often have several deals live at any one time that can save you further money on your order.

At the time of writing, you can save almost 25% on our Storm high speed jet hand dryers, down to £149.99 from £191.99 in our sale.

Hygienic hand dryer

We also currently have a bulk-buy discount available for customers buying 4 or more hand dryers. The details of this deal are:

The true value of this discount can be represented with an example:

If you’re buying 16 of our MX2000w hand dryers to use in every washroom of your business, your basket would ordinarily come to £1840. With our bulk-buy discount, you’ll only pay £1619.20, a saving of over £220.


Excellent Delivery Options

The final element that makes us one of the cheapest hand dryer suppliers in the UK is our approach to delivery.

Every order over £100 will qualify for free UK mainland delivery. As we use DPD as our designated courier, our delivery is also extremely quick and your product can usually be with you on the next working day after your order.

Hygienic hand dryer


Cheap Hand Dryers in the UK

If you’re seeking cheap hand dryers for your business, Blow Motion is an excellent choice. Our range of products is broad and covers any needs you might have. If you’re ready to purchase your new commercial hand dryers, place your order today!

If you need more information about any of the details of this post, feel free to get in touch with us through our online contact form or by calling us on 0800 002 9678.