Buying Hand Dryers For The Office – What To Consider?
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What To Consider when buying hand dryers for the office

What To Consider when buying hand dryers for the office

There is still a fair way to go but we can safely say that there will soon come a time when electric hand dryers will replace the use of paper towels in every office and workplace throughout the land. In recent years it has become common knowledge that choosing a hand dryer over paper towels in the workplace is far more efficient, convenient, environmentally friendly and cost effective in the long term.

When the time is upon you to make that switch it then and only then becomes apparent just how many different hand dryers are available. The come in different shapes, sizes, colours and brands. Surely with such a choice available to you, there has never been an easier time to make your selection.

We’ve put together a quick overview of 4 important points to consider when making your selection.


Whilst most people may think that all hand dryers are around the same size we fail to think about how the hand dryer is used or approached by the user. Hand driers are approached in different ways. Some require the user to place their hands in from above, vertically. Some require the user to place hands in horizontally. Because of this, not every type of hand dryer is suitable for every type of bathroom. Its really important to think where the user is going to stand when drying their hands and if there is enough room for them to approach the dryer in the way that it is meant to be approached. The last thing you want is to get your brand new hand dryer installed only to discover that it cant be used.


In terms of the quality and performance of the dryer that you may want to choose, a big factor that often gets overlooked is how many times is it going to be used? Is the dryer going to be placed in an office with a handful of staff that may use it a couple of times a day or is it going to be placed in to a much busier area. If its the later then you are going to have to factor this in to your decision. A hand dryer that is expected to perform to high levels of traffic on a constant basis needs to be durable and built with high traffic in mind. A great example would be the Storm hand dryer pictured below.

The Storm will dry hands in around 10 seconds!


This is one that catches the most people out. Please don’t jump head first into selecting the cheapest hand dryer that you find. More often than not you will end up paying more in the long run due to increased energy costs. For the really ‘eco’ conscious amongst us, we would suggest a hand dryer from our eco range such as the MX2000. These dryers run at such little wattage that they will give 100 operations for around 2 pence! Please don’t let the wattage lead you into thinking that these are weak dryers. They will blast hands dry in around 10-12 seconds!   


Last but by no means the least. Its important to be realistic when it comes to setting yourself a budget. Just as the case with most industries, there are enormous differences between the market leading brands and the ‘brand-less’ models. Whilst there will always be exceptions, it tends to be true that you get what you pay for. Its a great idea to set a workable and realistic budget when starting on your quest for the perfect dryer.