Budget hand dryers need not be a false economy
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Hygiene is of the utmost importance if you work in a commercial environment, especially during the winter when everyone’s immune system takes a bit of a beating! Here at Blow Motion, we offer a range of budget hand dryers, so irrespective of the depth of company funds, your place of work can benefit.

Hand dryers may be the most economical option for you if you currently run a large office or business. Even our higher prices are small ones to pay compared to stacks and stacks of paper towels that are quickly depleted – and just think of the cost and environmental impact when disposing of them, too!

All of our budget hand dryers are low energy and eco-friendly; they’ll cost the average business approx. £10 a year to run, which means that they will pay for themselves in no time.

Just think of the efficiency; even the least sophisticated hand dryers are much, much quicker than using paper towels, which are likely to tear. The overuse of paper towels wastes considerable time and money and has a negative environmental impact.

What to consider before buying a budget hand dryer


Why choose Blow Motion hand dryers?

Here at Blow Motion, we’ve had over three years of experience with our own brand of high quality hand dryers. We’ve searched the globe for the best manufacturers to partner with, and all of our completed products meet quality and safety standards for the UK – yes, that’s right, even the very cheapest hand dryers that we offer.

We have a wide range of budget hand dryers for you to peruse. From the traditional design, to automatic ‘Jet blade’ technology that works its magic in seconds, there’s bound to be a design perfect for you or your business!

Most of our affordable hand dryers are manufactured in neutral colours, so they will suit nearly all colour schemes. We also have a customisable option, alongside chrome and white ranges.

Outdated and inefficient dryers can easily spoil a modern bathroom, so the upgrade is worth it!

Don’t be afraid to contact Blow Motion for advice about the affordable hand dryer that would best suit your own company or organisation.