Why choose your next hand dryers from Blow Motion?

Why choose your next hand dryers from Blow Motion?


We know the large majority of you will find that shopping for a hand dryer is probably about as interesting as watching paint dry! So many different sellers, so many different brands and such a huge difference in price!

The task in hand may have been given to you and you need to get it right! The last thing you want is to choose incorrectly and have to go through the entire selection process again.

We would like to give you some handy (forgive the pun) pointers to aid you in your quest for the perfect hand dryer!

Okay, so lets talk hypothetically for a minute. If you wanted to get a tooth extracted would you go to a car showroom that also done a bit of dentistry? Of course not, you would go to a Dentist as they specialise in exactly what you want. It’s the same with everything. If you want to eliminate the risk of problems you need to go to a master in the field.

Here at Blow Motion we are that master in the field. We don’t dabble in everything, we only sell hand dryers. We have been selling hand dryers since 2012 and have grown Year upon Year ever since. Our clients include Silver Stone Race Track, Brands Hatch, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, New York University, Subway, ITV, NHS and the Fire Service to name drop just a few.

Why do so many reputable companies come to us for their hand dryers? Its because we know what we are talking about. It’s the only product we sell so we have to:
– Be extremely knowledgeable
– Produce a top quality product
– Provide a competitive and realistic price
– Provide top quality customer service

A hand dryer isn’t a one size fits all. There are lots of different factors to consider including who the target audience are? How many people a day are using it? Where it is going to be placed?

We can go through all factors involved in order to help you make the right decision 1st time in your quest for your next (or maybe your first) hand dryer.