Why Choose Customisable Hand Dryers?

customised hand dryers for branding

The main function of hand dryers is to powerfully and comfortably dry hands and leave them clean and free from bacteria and germs. However, this doesn’t have to be the only purpose of hand dryers, particularly in a commercial environment. You can use the space on hand dryers to increase brand awareness through custom logos or marketing materials. But is it worth wrapping hand dryers in your businesses’ logo? Let’s find out what customised hand dryers can offer in terms of commercial benefit.

Advertise your brand

In business it’s important to get your brand noticed any way you can. You may have branding on doors, windows, and walls but a clever way of incorporating this branding in the washroom is via hand dryers.

When you’re drying your hands, you’re bound to notice the hand dryer itself. Adding your company logo to your dryer is a great indirect branding technique as it’ll hopefully add to the lasting impression you leave on your customer or client. Customising hand dryers with a brand logo is particularly valuable for retail and hospitality businesses such as shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Improve your washrooms

Hand dryers aren’t limited to being customised with your brand logo, you could also add designs, colours, or images to bring a fun and interesting vibe to the washroom. This works particularly well for hand dryers for schools and play centres, to make the washroom as child friendly as possible. You can add quirky patterns and colourful characters to encourage hand hygiene and make hand drying a fun experience for children.

The more you customise the cheaper it is

To customise a single hand dryer will cost you just £58 and this price becomes even cheaper the more hand dryers you have customised. For instance, 20+ hand dryers will cost just £30 to customise per hand dryer.

Order Your Customised Hand Dryers Today

Customisable hand dryers are just as fast, durable, hygienic, and environmentally friendly as their plain counterparts, but come with the added benefits above! Take advantage of this service to advertise your brand or simply use it as a design feature in the washroom. You can order your customisable hand dryers via our website or call us on 0800 002 9678 to order.