What’s Best, Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels

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What’s Best, Hand Dryers or Paper Towels

Its one of the many questions that we get asked on a regular basis. What’s best, hand dryers or paper towels? Why don’t we sell paper towel dispensers? Surely paper towels are better for the environment, they are made from recycled paper. It’s true, paper towels are made from recycled paper. However, paper towels are not recyclable meaning that they go straight to landfill.

Think about the amount of times your wash room bin is overflowing with paper towels. How many times a week does that bin then get emptied, then multiply that amount by 52.

That’s a lot of waste heading straight to your local landfill! 

By installing our eco friendly low energy hand dryers you will not only be doing your bit to actively reduce your carbon footprint, you will also be saving a great deal of money. Did you know that by installing low energy hand dryers such as cold air hand dryers you will could reduce your overall wash room spend by up to 97%.

Lets do some calculations…

Lets say that a hand dryer has a typical life span of 10 years, now lets assume that here at Blow Motion we sell hand dryers as well as paper towels. Lets also assume that people will be drying their hands 100 times in an average day at your place of work.

If you purchased a regular pack of C-Fold paper towels costing around £20, the towels would last around 1 month. Each month you would have to spend another £20 and our courier driver would have to drive another 20 miles to get to you (we are also assuming you are 20 miles away).Over the course of 10 years (the typical life cycle of our blow motion hand dryers) our courier driver would drive 2,400 miles and you would spend a staggering £2,400 on paper towels! Lets just say that our courier can get 10 miles per gallon with a fully loaded lorry which is around 2.1 miles per litre. If we base our calculation on 2.63Kg of C02 for every litre of Diesel burned (according to the calculation tables on the defra website )over the course of 10 years would equal 2869.4Kg C02.

So by purchasing your hand towels in the course of ten years you will have spent £2,400 and have been responsible for generating  2869.4Kg C02

This of course does not take into consideration the amount of C02 generated in the production process, or the C02 generated by the vehicles that take away your waste towels. The figure would be far higher!

Now lets look at hand dryers. Our Eco Hand Dryers will use 550w on cool air setting. Each drying takes 10 seconds and its used 100 times per day. It uses a total of 0.458Kwh per day meaning 16671Kwh over the course of 10 years. Using the Defra table would result in generating 716Kg C02 around 1 quarter of the effects of paper towels!

A typical Blow Motion Eco Hand Dryer will cost you around £150 and create 716Kg of C02 over the course of ten years

In Summary by choosing a Blow Motion hand dryer you will save around £2,250 over the course of ten years and generate 2,153Kg C02 less than paper towels!