The Cost Debate: Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

The Cost Debate: Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels


A lot of uncertain points will be brought up if are making a choice between having a hand dryer installed or if you are thinking about continuing to use paper towels. Some of these issues may be under your full control as the decision maker, like the quality of paper towels you choose to buy or the sort of hand dryer you purchase, some other issues are not, like the cost of electricity to run a dryer or and how many of your paper towels will be used by every visitor. The Cost Debate: Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels can be a thought producing one.

Paper Towels


The start-up cost of a new paper towel dispenser will be very little, but the dispenser will need to endlessly be replenished so the ongoing expenses can rapidly surpass your original costs. Costing’s of packs of paper towels will alter depending upon the brand, quality, and size of the towel that you decide to buy. A standard sized washroom that gets an average amount of use by visitors can expect to use up to at the very least one commercial sized package of paper towels every day. You can then see you need to multiply that for a total cost per month value. That cost does not even include the extra cost of cleaning and maintenance. To try to accurately ascertain how much it will cost your business if you choose to use paper towels instead of a hand dryer. You will need to estimate just how many times every day that you think the washroom is used.

Also, you will need to take into consideration additional salary costs because it simply will take longer to clean a washroom of paper towels and associated blockages which add up over time. People usually use at the very least two paper towels to dry off their hands- add this to the waste produced as people use extra towels without thinking which increase the number of towels that need to be tidied up and thrown away.

Hand Dryers


It does initially cost much more to purchase a hand dryer than it does to buy a paper towel dispenser. Where a business begins to recoup money back is when you start to think long term. The overall costs involved in the continuous operation of a hand dryer will all depend upon the dryer’s electrical efficiency. A typical moderately sized electric hand dryer uses very little watts of electricity per day. When considering this is the only ongoing cost that you will have with a hand dryer for years to come, you will be making big savings over using paper towels overall. For many businesses it simply means that the higher cost of buying an electric hand dryer will be repaid within months of its purchase. This makes an electric hand dryer a much more economical and practical choice for many.

The Cost Debate: Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels rumbles on. Overall, it is possible to purchase cheaper paper towels to help you to minimise the cost, but there is no escaping the fact that paper towels are still a more labour intensive option than using electric hand dryers.

Once you’ve made your mind up to go for hand dryers rather than paper towels, your next decision is whether you want hot air hand dryers or cold air hand dryers!