Put a Stop to Washroom Complaints

Put a Stop to Washroom Complaints


Keeping a public washroom clean is one of the greatest challenges to be faced when it comes maintaining a clean and usable space. Numerous customers and visitors in commercial buildings can be understandably fussy when it comes to using washrooms and the majority of complaints that you may get will be from people with problems in this area. Unkempt and dirty washrooms can actually lead to a loss business as it impacts of your public image and this is why you need to take your washroom seriously.

Here are some of the common washroom complaints that you need to consider seriously:-


Dirty surfaces – The floors and sink tops are the first thing that people see. If you are having a difficult time keeping your floors clean no matter what you are doing you have problems. If your surfaces look dirty then you may need the help of professional cleaning services. Even when your surface are not actually dirty, if your users think a floor is not sparkly clean then your washroom is instantly associated with bacteria and germs.

Clogged toilets – Often, people put paper towels and wet wipes down the toilet which leads to blockages. It is of course never a good thing to have a clogged toilet. This is poignantly true when it occurs in a public place. It is not just the fact that clogging leaves your toilet useless, it also makes your bathroom a no go area. Regular washroom checks and the installation of a quality hand dryer can help alleviate the issues.

Overflowing rubbish – Toilets will not be the only area of the washroom that will draw complaints about overflowing. Bins often overflow with used paper towels if there is nobody maintain them regularly. It is important to have someone ensuring that bins are emptied and cleaned out on a regular basis.

Keep well stocked – A big part of effective washroom maintenance is that you are refilling the soap and toilet paper supplies to ensure that your users will never run out of supplies. One of the largest complaints about washrooms comes from people who have found there is no way to clean their hands or that they have run out of toilet paper. Make sure that you always have enough supplies so that people can expect soap and toilet paper is there for them when they need them.
Wet floors – A constantly wet floor will be the last thing that you want in your washroom as it will generate a lot of complaints. They easily introduce the opportunity for serious accidents, but it will also be a breeding ground for germs. People will complain as they directly associate a wet floor washroom floor with a dirty and unusable washroom..

If you want to Put a Stop to Washroom Complaints and make a positive impression on your customers then simply avoid these common washroom complaints. Ensure your washroom is regularly maintained, users have the option of using a hand dryer, and that it is kept well stocked before minor issues become a major problem.

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