Ideal hand dryer for schools

Ideal hand dryer for schools.


The technology is growing fast making hand dryers still very popular in school washrooms. The ideal hand dryer for schools is economical and high speed whilst at the same time being ultra safe. School children are more often than not in a rush, running to and from classes, so when they need to take a bathroom break, teachers want them to be back in class quickly. Every school will be looking for a fast working hand dryer which will make a good job of keeping children dry. An ideal hand dryer for schools also needs to promote 100% hygiene standards and saves on the costs vs using paper towels.

Low maintenance.


School children can sometimes be messy in washrooms, so a hand dryer that is energy-efficient at the same time as being maintenance-free is the perfect choice. Good design will keep everywhere clean and fresh. Additionally, it leaves you without the need for a daily clean up which will be the case if you give the children paper towels. Hand dryers are now more vandal resistant and most modern models come with tamper resistant screws. This means that once you have secured a heavy duty cover to the base, that is the end of having to think about it.

Economical is ideal.


What is often considered most important in an ideal hand dryers for schools is one that helps to save costs. Usually, after the initial outlay, the cost savings for schools come in when you reduce your paper towel usage. As schools across the country are all going green, hand dryers will help you to win those green awards. Speedy and so electricity saving hand dryers are a real solution for any school who are wanting to save energy. Most modern hand dryers are said to pay for themselves within just 3 months. They commonly use a small amount of watts to run so have very little impact on your budget. Finding cost savings hand dryers has never been so easy for schools.

Healthy dryers.


One of the sizeable problems within schools is the existence of multiple bacteria and germs. Paper towel cannot possibly offer a hygienic solution in comparison to a hand dryer. Ideal hand dryer for schools are designed with hygiene and cleaning in mind, but that does not mean that you need to lose out on some of the more powerful hand dryers on the market. Many newer models strip water from little hands in seconds which goes towards effectively keeping hands cleaner. Look for a model with a good filtration system and this should eliminate most of the bacteria in the air so it is not blown onto the hands. The all new models will let students dry their hands without the need for them to rub them together. This action often encourages dead skin cells to surface which in turn is a cause of the spread of bacteria.

For schools, the choice of between some of the most Ideal hand dryers for schools has never been clearer.