Hygiene Awareness In The Workplace

hand washing with soap

Good hygiene is essential when it comes to everyday life, especially in the working environment as we spend most of our time there. Research and many studies, however, have suggested that we do in fact have quite bad habits when it comes to hygiene. 40% of people rated their work washroom as average or below, with 39% believing that better office hygiene could improve job satisfaction.

Our workplace cleanliness and hygiene levels contribute to productivity, overall health, and satisfaction. With sensible hygiene efforts and practices put into place, you can prevent illnesses, build on company reputation and increase employee satisfaction

Check out our hygiene awareness infographic below to see the huge impact hygiene has on our daily lives and ways in which we can enhance our efforts, including the use of soap dispensers, baby changing stations and hand dryers for effective and efficient hand drying.

[View the infographic below or visit this PDF]

hygiene awareness infographic blow motion