How Do I Know Which Electric Hand Dryer To Buy?

How Do I Know Which Electric Hand Dryer To Buy?


There was a time when the simple paper towel that has resided in public washrooms for years was the only hygienic method of drying your hands after you had used the facilities. Then unfortunately for the paper towel, along came the unsurpassable electric hand dryer and the washroom technology industry overnight was changed forever! Electric hand dryers are now a fundamental buy but you may be asking yourself. How Do I Know Which Electric Hand Dryer To Buy?

Cost Considerations


For the majority of modern businesses, thinking about costs is one of the most important factors when thinking about which electric hand dryer to purchase. It can seem like a big leap if you have only been purchasing paper towels up until now. However, while the retail cost price is a big consideration initially, it is also critical to be thinking about the kilowatts per hour costs and how this will benefit you in the long run. It can be somewhat tempting to make a choice of the lowest priced deal but in the long run, by trying to make unnecessary savings, this may end up costing you more. Mid-range Electric Hand Dryers are a great choice if you are new to making the right choice between all of the powerful elements that different dryers have to offer. Remember, this idea seems to stand true-when you buy cheap, you end up buying a product twice over.

Volume of use


Another big pre-buy consideration when discussing How Do I Know Which Electric Hand Dryer To Buy is the level of traffic that your a washroom is going to have to deal with. A cheaply bought, poorly manufactured electric hand dryer will not last long term if it is continually subjected to lots of use from countless people everyday. When you are purchasing an electric hand dryer for a washroom with a high amount of use, then you will want to think about buying a more high impact model.

A top quality motor and robust and replaceable parts can make all the difference when purchasing an electric hand dryer for areas of high traffic.



The final decision that you may need to make will involve you giving some thought to accessibility. An electric hand dryer needs to be accessible to everyone, including disabled users, small children and the elderly. With this in mind, it is worth thinking about the noise levels emitted from the dryer. An almost silent electric hand dryer can be found which is always best when a washroom is near offices or conference rooms while a higher volume hand dryer is better used at public events.

The final choice can be a confusing one as so many brands are beginning to really push the boundaries of what is actually possible in the electric hand dryer arena. Immense investments have been made in technology and so it has lead to the creation of electric hand dryers that are robust, inexpensive and sanitary. With such a huge range of quality hand dryers on the market, how to know which one is exactly right for your business can take some real consideration.

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