Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels 2017 Debate

Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels 2017 Debate


This has been the much debated question amongst many that still continues to perplex many of us in 2017. When it comes to drying your hands in the bathroom; should you use a paper towel, or go for the hand dryer?

There are lots of reasons why this debate still rubble’s on. The decision on how to dry may be related to hygiene for some, and for others, speed and efficiency rules. Other people take into account environmental concerns. These are even more current today, as our knowledge that human activities are increasingly contributing to growing sustainability issues is rising. This is significant to all of us worldwide.

The fact then remains, how do you decide between the different methods of drying your hands?

The Hand Dryer


It is most effective and in its element when you are considering how environmentally friendly it is. The environmental impacts of hand dryers go all the way back to how it is produced. This includes the types of materials it is made from, the manufacturing processes, the impact of less transport, their use, and its more effective disposal. We will usually use hand dryers many more times than disposable hand towels before they need to be replaced. It is important to remember than in 2017, each time we go to dry our hands in public places, we consume valuable resources – be that either by using paper or electricity. The overall environmental impact of drying your hands is significantly affected by how just how much, and what sort of paper towel is being used, in comparison to exactly how much energy is used-up by a hand dryer.

The Paper Towel


In some modern contexts, a paper towel could be considered a better option than using a conventional hand dryer. This will depend upon where you live and how the electricity is generated in your area. Also, it is necessary to think about the power rating of the appliance, alongside length of time that you spend using a dryer. Electricity usage is a very modern issue, with regional electricity costs having an effect on drying. Sometimes paper could be thought of as cheaper.

However, the paper itself needs some thinking about on a number of issues. You might need to consider the weighting of a paper towel and also quantify the exact number of paper towels that you used per dry, especially when you are trying to consider whether paper towels or dryers are better. How will you know the proportion of recycled paper that exists in your paper towel, as this effects if it is a better choice to use to dry your hands. Other modern considerations are whether or not the towels are produced economically and whether they are disposed of cost effectively.

The Conclusion


Some people will just prefer to use paper towels. Others will make the choice to use hand dryers. Overall, there are a variety of benefits to going high tech with dryers, as with almost all other areas of our life. Hand dryers lower costs for many businesses in terms of cleaning times, and operational costs. Depending upon how you look at it, the environment benefits to be had from buying a good quality hand dryer are fairly good.

The Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels 2017 debate essentially needs for you to you know more about all of the new technologies in hand drying, and for you to keep your eye on this ever advancing debate.

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