Buying A Hand Dryer Direct From The Manufacturer – The Benefits

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So you’ve made the decision to purchase some new hand dryers for the office. Where do you start to look for the best deal. Most of us will hit the on line search engines and opt for one of the companies up there standing proud on page 1 of your search. After all, they all sell the same thing right? That maybe the case but more often than not you are buying from a re-seller, a middle man. The middle men purchase direct from the manufacturer, add their margins on, then re-sell the product to you making a nice profit! Even retail wholesalers add on their margins, there staff don’t work for free!

There are many benefits to buying direct. Here are just some of them:

Lowest Price Hand Dryers – Guaranteed!

Blow Motion hand dryers are not sold on to middle men. We are the manufacture and the seller. We do not sell on to middle men meaning that you have saved the margins that the middle men would put on. In the case of the middle men selling to more middle men the savings you would make would add up very quickly, especially if you where purchasing a several. This means when purchasing a hand dryer from us you are guaranteed you will never find a better price elsewhere for the same product.

You Will Receive A Better Shopping Experience and Level Of Service

Most of us when purchasing something will need questions answering before making the purchase. In the case of purchasing hand dryers you may need to know if its suitable for the area that you intend to use it in? How loud it is? How economical it is? One customer asked us recently, is it man enough for the job?! Buying your goods from a reseller that sells thousands of different products rather than specialising in one means that more often than not, they will not know the answers to your questions. This would mean any questions that you had would then have to be relayed back to the manufacturer causing delays. If you had several questions your buying process may last for much longer than you anticipated.

Faster Shipment Is Inevitable

You decided on your choice of hand dryer. Now you order it. Going through a third party means that when you place your order with them, they then have to place an order with their supplier. Their supplier sends out the goods. When they receive the goods they then send to you. It can be quite a long winded process. Purchasing direct from source means that the hand dryer is ready to be sent out straight to you and in most cases you will get it within 24 hours of ordering.

In A Nut Shell………………………

Buying your hand dryers direct from the source means:

You  get a better deal saving You money

You get more access to expert advise

You receive your goods faster