Hand Dryer Benefits

Hand Dryer Features and Benefits


Hand dryers are nifty electrical devices found in most modern public bathrooms that generate heat when turned on. The daily use of a hand dryer has many advantages and benefits. A hand dryer can be said to be energy efficient, easy to maintain and cost effective. There is also no need to keep spending money on using paper towels which can be more expensive in the long run but they also need to fit in with the style, space and needs of users.

Factors involved in selecting your new hand dryer can vary from buyer to buyer. For example, prestigious hotels or offices will need to enhance their visitors experience, but schools and hospitals will require safe and durable hand dryers.

The overwhelming benefits of hand dryers are:-


Speed – The majority of hand dryers have a super fast drying time. You can usually be good to go in less than 10 seconds which is brilliant for high traffic areas. They are also quick to fix if you do run into any problems. Hand dryers are quick and easy to maintain and it can take as little as a few minutes to finish the job.

Hygiene – Hand dryers are perfect for heavy traffic areas because they do away with the mess and waste which is caused by dirty paper towels. Dryers provide a hygienic alternative to paper towels as there is little risk of cross-infection from used towels. They are also more environment friendly as there would not be rubbish overload due to an excess of paper towels. Often people throw paper towels down toilets but the installation of dryers prevents this which is the customary cause of clogged toilets. Due to the hygiene advantages of hand dryers, they are beginning to replace the widespread use of paper towels in many public places.
Noise – It has long since been the case that high performing hand dryers are thought of as being noisy. This is especially important in school bathrooms as lots of children find excessively noisy appliances fairly frightening. Modern hand dryers make a commitment to reduce noise and manufacturers now frequently raise the bar in the manufacture of even quieter hand dryers.
Cost – As it has already been said, although they are more costly than buying a box of paper towels in the short term, in the long run the costs matter. When selecting a hand dryers, you need to compare the cost performance against various criteria such as power consumption, ease of maintenance and longevity. It will not be a surprise to learn that the longer a hand dryer lasts, the lower the overall costs per dry and the increased return on your investment. Low on-going costs should be considered the perfect solution for settings which are very busy. When paper towels can often be found lying across the floor, a washroom will need constant cleaning and the prevention of blockages and related expensive repairs.

Hand Dryer Features and Benefits are numerous. They can be said to be a perfect option for the majority of situations and they can even save you money in the long term.

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