Four Ways to Green Your Washroom

Four Ways to Green Your Washroom


In general, we are all far more conscious than ever before about the need to make a positive contribution towards our environment. With this idea in mind, the existence and importance of a friendly public washroom must not be underestimated. This is particularly the case when you think about the long-term savings to a company that the instalment of green technology can offer a business. Below are Four Ways to Green Your Washroom.

Save water


There is growing pressure for organisations to uncover ways to save more water. We all use a remarkable quantity of water every day and so in a washroom environment, especially one that sees many visits from lots of staff and visitors, water usage levels in your facilities can add up to a staggering amount. However, there are many water saving devices that you can install so that water consumption will plummet. For example, Low flush cisterns can be installed easily. Older models of toilet have always used much more water than is actually necessary. Nonetheless, current toilets benefit from a low volume cistern which uses the right amount of necessary water per flush. Water saving devices do not just apply toilets but you can find them for taps and sinks as well. This will mean that over the course of a year thousands of litres of water can be saved, and so accordingly lots of money.

Energy saving dryers


Simple straightforward changes in the washroom can help to Green Your Washroom. For example, it is possible to install an energy-efficient hand dryer the same day in your washroom. These can be eco-friendly as they save on waste by reducing the quantity of paper towels being disposed of. Low energy hand dryers can be implemented in every thinkable environment from offices and shopping centres, through to public washrooms anywhere. They are proven to have a low carbon footprint especially in comparison to traditional hand dryers or paper towels. This is because sensors are unbelievably accurate, only working if hands are directly under the sensors so you only pay for the electricity being used.

Light differently


If you have ever walked into a dark wash room, only for it to light up as you walk in -this is possible because of Passive InfraRed sensors. Giving a general thought to changing to low energy light fittings and light bulbs is a great idea anyway but PIR controlled lighting is a brilliantly economical choice. These lights are a fantastic way to Green Your Washroom as they are going to only come on when someone is in the washroom. Make the switch to using LED light bulbs too as it is a simple change and can be completed straight away.
Be Chemically Sustainable

Choosing modern technology and devices is only one of the ways to get a ‘green’ washroom. By making certain you are using bio-friendly cleaning products, this is also a great way of ensuring your green status. Think about choosing eco-friendly hand washes for daily use which are made out of safe ingredients which are not too damaging to the local environment. Many toilet cleaners can contain enzymes and other harsh chemicals, which can not only result in damage to sinks but to the environment too.