Why choose our energy efficient hand dryers?

#1 supplier of energy efficient hand dryers.

The benefits of eco friendly hand dryers

Blow Motion supplies a wide range of energy efficient hand dryers. While there are lots of variations in the range, in relation to size, shape, and subtle differences in functionality, Blow Motion products have one important thing in common – they are low energy hand dryers.

As a result they supply the customer with significant cost savings, without compromising on service.

Low cost energy efficient hand dryers

As you might imagine, low energy hand dryers are eco friendly hand dryers; by using less power they have less impact on the environment, so if your business aims to maintain a low carbon footprint Blow Motion hand dryers can help.

Happily, low energy hand dryers are also low cost hand dryers. Being very low energy, they cost the average business just £10 per year to run! When you consider how much you might spend on paper towels in the same time period, you realise just what a saving this is.

Our energy efficient hand dryers are kinder to your bottom line, as well as the planet.

Blow Motion builds hand dryers that are at least equal to, if not superior to, big brand dryers but at a fraction of the cost. With options starting from a little over £100, coupled with those incredibly low, ongoing running costs, we have dryers that are affordable to even small start-up businesses.

Energy efficient hand dryer options

We have such a large stock range that there is an option to suit every organisation, whether it is a primary school or a stylish office building.

Don’t forget that our entire range is energy efficient and eco friendly.

If you want a low cost, high performance energy efficient hand dryer you can select from the following categories of Blow Motion products:

  • Jet blade/hands in – dry hands in 10 seconds to provide 100 dries for 2p electricity usage
  • High speed – ‘So powerful they would dry your feet!’ customer comment
  • Hygienic, with air filters – ideal for hotels, restaurants and schools
  • Cold air / energy efficient – 80% less energy usage than the warm air equivalent
  • Commercial use – 24 hour delivery and options to suit every budget
  • Quiet, fast drying – minimum noise with maximum power
  • Schools range – tried and tested by children