The Energy Efficient MX2000: An Eco Friendly Hand Dryer

mx2000 energy efficient hand dryer

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly popular factor in choosing hand dryers as we become better at recognising our effect on the environment through excessive energy usage. Here are some of the top ways an energy efficient hand dryer can benefit both your business and the world at large!

Environmentally Friendly

The more energy we use, the more we increase the Earth’s greenhouse gases to unnatural levels – a key factor in global warming. With our hand dryers, we aim to use as little energy as possible whilst still maintaining optimal speed and performance.

We have a large selection of energy efficient hand dryers but today we’re putting a spotlight on the MX2000. Using just 550 watts of energy, the MX2000 can still dry hands in as little as 10 seconds! This dryer is almost 75% more energy efficient than other popular hand dryers while still maintaining excellent speed and power so you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for a clean conscience!

Cost Effective

Inevitably, the reduction in energy usage will reduce your energy bills. Energy bills can be high in large commercial buildings and you might need many hand dryers in your washrooms which will only increase this cost.

Blow Motion hand dryers are not only energy efficient, they’re also cost effective. The MX2000 can dry around 100 pairs of hands for just two pence in electricity usage! This hand dryer also has an incredibly low unit cost of just £115 and you can benefit from multi-buy deals.

Automatic Operation

Most energy efficient hand dryers operate automatically which means they power up when hands are detected via sensors. More traditional push-button hand dryers often run longer than necessary and therefore use more energy than is optimal.

Automatic hand dryers like the MX2000 start up as soon as hands are detected and stop as soon as hands are taken away to not use any more energy than needed. This reduces the amount of energy you’re using, cutting costs and helping the environment.

Buy Your Blow Motion Energy Efficient Hand Dryer Today!

The MX2000 eco-friendly hand dryer is one of our most environmentally friendly, cost effective, and time efficient hand dryers. However, we have many energy efficient hand dryers which will be a beneficial addition to your washroom. To find out more about our energy efficient hand dryers call 0800 002 9678 or take a look at our other products and order yours via our website.