Commercial bathroom hand dryers

How to select the right hand dryer for your toilet

Here at Blow Motion we manufacture and supply a wide range of commercial bathroom hand dryers at a fraction of the cost charged by the big brands.

You really can’t go wrong with a Blow Motion bathroom hand dryer but since every model we sell is designed to do essentially the same thing, how do you decide which one is right for you and your business?

In this article we’ll look at our range of commercial bathroom hand dryers in detail to help you make your selection.

Bathroom hand dryers on a budget

Naturally, budget is likely to play a role when you are selecting the hand dryers for your toilets.

You’ll be pleased to know that even our budget range, with prices starting from a little over £100, dry hands in around 10 seconds, are low noise, eco friendly, rate 5* by our customers and come with a two year guarantee!

Also, all of our commercial bathroom hand dryers are available with a bulk order discount:

  • Buy 4+ dryers and get 5% discount
  • Buy 8+ dryers and get 10% discount
  • Buy 12+ dryers and get 12.5% discount

These discounts are automatically applied at checkout if you buy from us online, or if you have a much larger order you can contact us directly to discuss it.

Why opt for upgraded hand dryers for your toilets?

The budget range get the job done so you may well be asking yourself why you would spend more of commercial hand dryers for your toilets. It’s a good question. The answer comes down to style and functionality.

For example, our rotating nozzle bathroom hand dryer will set you back just a few extra pounds and for that will provide the ability to direct the flow of air upwards or to the side, creating a handy hair dryer when needed! It could be a small price to pay for happy customers in a rain storm!

Our premium commercial bathroom hand dryers are the Ninja hands in jet blade dryer range. At just £295+VAT they are the lowest priced jet blade dryers on the market.

They look slick, are available in several colours and provide a host of additional features, such as dual air flow, waste water collection – for safe, dry floors – and bacteria air filters for additional levels of hygiene.

You get what you pay for and more, when you buy commercial bathroom hand dryers from Blow Motion and whatever your selection you’ll receive free delivery and a two year warranty.

Check out our best hand dryers for 2018 at three different price points in our latest blog and find the right hand dryer for you!