Our Range of Cold Air Hand Dryers, Perfect For Summertime

cold air automatic hand dryers

In this hot, stuffy weather the last thing you want to be doing is putting your hands under a hand dryer that blows out hot air. The washroom should be a place to freshen up and cool down if needs be and our range of cold air automatic hand dryers provide a cool and comfortable dry. We have a large range of both cold air dryers and products with the ability to switch between cold and hot air to have the benefits of both.

There are so many benefits of cold air hand dryers and summertime is the perfect time to have them installed in your washroom.

How do cold air automatic hand dryers work? automatic eco friendly hand dryer

Cold air hand dryers use innovative technology to hygienically dry hands and rid them of the bacteria and germs left behind after washing. Research into cold air hand drying has revealed its hygienic properties which rid germs and bacteria more effectively than hot air hand dryers.

The reason for this is the cold plasma technology used in cold air hand dryers which is also used in medicine to fight infections and allergies. Cold plasma has antimicrobial properties to kill germs and bacteria which is ideal for use in hand dryers. The cold plasma will kill bacteria inside the dryer and on the hands for a thoroughly hygienic dry.

Are cold air hand dryers energy efficient?

The environment is a huge concern in the modern world and saving energy is critical. As hand drying technology has evolved there has been more emphasis on energy efficiency, and the most energy efficient way of drying hands is with cold air. Cold air hand dryers use an incredible 80% less energy than hot air which makes it a lot more eco friendly and cost effective as you will save a lot more money on your energy bills.

Cold air provides a more comfortable and efficient dry 

Cold air works by using speed and cool refreshing air to powerfully blow the air away from the hands. Many of our cold air hand dryers use jet blades such as the Jet Blade V to blast water away in as little as 10 seconds! Not only this, the Jet Blade V has an adjustable heating element to switch between cold air and warm air and an adjustable speed element for an all around comfortable and efficient dry.

Order Your Cold Air Hand Dryers Today!energy efficient hand dryer

Cold air hand dryers are the most hygienic and energy efficient hand dryers on the market and we have plenty here at Blow Motion. Browse our selection of cold air hand dryers which have lots of added features for a thorough and comfortable hand dry and some will even take you right through winter with their warm air settings. Order your cold air hand dryers today just in time for summer through our website or call our friendly and helpful staff on 0800 002 9678.