Choosing Blow Motion as your hand dryer suppliers

Low cost, high efficiency hand dryers, UK supplier

With so many hand dryer suppliers to choose from you might wonder what the merits are of opting for a Blow Motion dryer or dryers. Well, when it comes to hand dryers, we encourage you not to fall into the trap of thinking that a higher price tag means a better performing product. Here at Blow Motion, the UK hand dryer suppliers, we have developed a range of high performance, energy efficient hand dryers that perform at least as well as those sold by big brand suppliers but at a fraction of the cost. So why shop elsewhere?


5* rated hand dryer suppliers

Blow Motion has been rated as 5* by independent review site for its range of electric and automatic hand dryers that have set a new benchmark in the washroom supplies industry.

The entire range of commercial hand dryers for the UK market, made by Blow Motion, is equal in performance, if not better performing than the big name brands. All of the hand dryers we supply are low energy consumption and high performance. The range starts at just £116 for a single dryer and many models cost somewhere around just £10 per year to run. When you consider how many paper towels you would buy in that time period you’ll get a sense of the savings you could realise.


Innovative UK hand dryer suppliers

We are a UK hand dryer suppliers. We ship worldwide but UK customers can easily and quickly buy online. Unlike other hand dryer suppliers we don’t charge extra for our brand name. We keep our prices low and our levels of service high.


Choose us over and above other hand dryer suppliers for affordable, guaranteed, low consumption dryers including:

  • Jet blade
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Budget
  • Cold Air
  • Eco friendly
  • High speed
  • Hygienic (with air filters)
  • Low noise
  • Fast drying


And more!


All of our dryers can be delivered UK wide within 48 hours, can be returned if you change your mind and are guaranteed for 2 years if you don’t. Purchase using our secure online checkout and be sure to benefit from our bulk buying discounts.