The Best Blow Motion Hand Dryers for Schools

hand dryers for schools

We’re the leading supplier of automatic hand dryers for schools in the UK education sector for a reason.

Our range of hand dryers is full of choice and can cater to every need; from quiet operation to high speed, custom wraps to compact size.

Installing automatic hand dryers in your school is a no-brainer, with our eco-friendly hand dryers saving you up to 97% on your washroom bill compared to using paper towels.

Keeping paper towels out of school bathrooms also means no litter, fewer blocked toilets, and no wet paper towels stuck to the ceiling. This can save your cleaners energy and time that would be better spent keeping the rest of the school in great condition!

In this blog post, we’ve put together a few of our top picks for the best hand dryers to choose for your school washrooms, with the key benefits of each choice.


The MX2000w – The Eco Friendly Choice Eco friendly hand dryers for schools

  • Air delivered through 22 micro jets means drying time is just 10 seconds on average
  • 100 dries costs around 2 pence, saving you money on your electricity bill
  • One of the quietest high power hand dryers around at just 72db during operation


If you want automatic hand dryers for your school that are going to have the biggest positive effect on your electricity bill and energy efficiency, the MX2000w is ideal for you!


New hand dryerThe Twister – The Newest High Speed Choice


  • Super-fast drying time of 8-10 seconds, one of our quickest automatic hand dryers
  • Costs roughly 6 pence per 100 dries, great value for a high power hand dryer
  • Despite its power, The Twister is a quiet 72db meaning you can easily talk over it 

The Twister is a versatile hand dryer that combines extremely high power with quiet operation and energy efficiency. Perfect for schools that want reliable and well-rounded dryers.


Steel hand dryerThe Tornado – The Durable Choice

  • Constructed using 304 stainless steel and finished in a black chip-proof powder coating, this is a strong and durable hand dryer
  • 600w energy usage and a quick drying time of around 9 seconds
  • Accurate auto-sensors mean The Tornado starts up as soon as hands are underneath the dryer and shuts down as soon as they’re removed


Blow Motion Tornados make excellent hand dryers for schools that are looking for a resilient option that will shrug off everyday wear and tear while still operating quickly and effectively.


Customisable hand dryerCustomisable Hand Dryer – The Fun Choice

  • Fun, customisable designs printed onto the hand dryer to your specification
  • Active germ-killing technology to keep hand drying hygienic
  • 500 dries costs just under 10 pence making this dryer economical and energy efficient


Primary schools looking for automatic hand dryers with character (literally!) will be happy with our Customisable Hand Dryers. You can add your own graphic, whether that’s the school crest, school mascot, or cartoon characters of your choice.


Best Hand Dryers for Schools

These are just our top picks for automatic hand dryers that are perfect for school bathrooms but if you’re looking for more options, take a look at our full range of products.

When you’re buying hand dryers for your school, you’ll benefit from a guaranteed 30 days of credit and same or next day dispatch.

Thousands of pupils use Blow Motion hand dryers every day in their school and our list of happy clients in the education sector is continuously growing.

Read our updated guide to the best hand dryers for schools 2018 can offer if you’re interested in learning more about the ideal hand dryers for primary or secondary schools.

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