What are the Best Hand Dryers for Children?

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Best Hand Dryers For Children

We specialise in supplying hand dryers for Children of all ages!

When it comes to selecting the right hand dryers for your business needs there are several important factors to consider. How busy is your wash room? The age of the people that would use the dryer on a daily basis? The type of business the hand dryers are to be placed in, do you need a very fast drying hand dryer? Would the noise of a hand dryer be a problem?

These are just some of the questions you need to be asking yourself before making your final buying decision. Here at Blow Motion we have developed a range of hand dryers to suit almost any business requirement.

Hand Dryers For Children Isn’t a ONE SIZE FITS ALL

Hand dryers come in all shapes and sizes from push button, automatic operation, high speed, eco, the list goes on and on!                                             Customisable Hand Dryer

We know what the best hand dryers for children are because we have been selling to Schools and Nurseries since 2012. A big factor is the age range of the child. If they are of a very young age we would recommend a cool air hand dryer such as the popular MX2000 that will deliver 100 dries for 2 pence! If you were to purchase a traditional hot air hand dryer, some children may burn their hands if they left them under once dry. Temperature is a huge consideration when selecting the right dryer.

If the Children are older then we would recommend our HD360 range of hand and face dryers (the ones with the rotating air outlets).

Our most popular hand dryers for kids of all ages are the character dryers. They are fully customisable to whatever picture or character you would like.  The dryer pictured was for a kids fun centre. Apparently, before the introduction of the character dryer the kids would wash hands and wipe dry on their clothing. This is no longer the case!

Customisable hand dryers can be found by selecting the category on the hand dryers home page.


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