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Best hand dryers, Customer Reviews Do Matter!

Hand Dryer Reviews Giving ‘YOU’ Peace Of Mind!

Blow Motion Hand Dryers literally took the UK by Storm when it launched in 2012. Our philosophy was a simple one. Supply great high quality hand dryers but keep the price tag realistic. For those of you who have never shopped for hand dryers before, believe me. It’s not as straight forward as you may originally think. There are so many deciding factors to consider when purchasing your dryer. The 1st thing people tend to do is hit Google and type in a brand name that they know of. Google then presents you with a list of hand dryers as long as your arm associated with that well known brand. Then you look at the price tag in disbelief! Surely that’s wrong? My 1st Car was cheaper than that!

You then decide to change your search knocking of the brand name and just type in ‘Hand Dryers’ This then presents you with an even bigger list!! This time though you are greeted with much cheaper options. Then you notice that most of the really cheap hand dryers don’t have a brand, they are brand less (if that’s a word). Many may think that when purchasing something as simple as a hand dryer you may not require a brand. Then you may think, why has no company put their name to this product? This electric product that is very cheap and that I am touching it with wet hands!!

You then notice some branded hand dryers. You may not have heard of all of the brands but never the less they are branded. What is the best brand you then ask yourself? Who is the best company to go for when choosing your hand dryer?

Here at Blow Motion we only sell hand dryers, Nothing else. With that in mind we have to ensure that our products are the best they can be. They have passed all EU quality tests and they are of a very high standard. No doubt you may require some advice when selecting your hand dryer? As we are a specialist supplier of hand dryers we can answer all of your questions.

We know that reviews play a huge part in any decision. Whenever we book holidays we always hit the net in search of review sites before we part with our hard earned cash! Buying a hand dryer is no different. We have teamed up with independent reviews site They are to products what Trip Advisor are to Holidays! Lets face it, anyone can write their own reviews for their own website! Just how true are they going to be if they are writing them, themselves? Our reviews are submitted onto directly by our customers. The reviews are then held on the site as well as being filtered onto Our genuine customer reviews can be found as well as submitted on our reviews company page by clicking Our customers have rated us 5 out of 5 stars! You can shop with us with 100% peace of mind when choosing your next hand dryer.

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