Best Hand Dryers 2018: Three Prices
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A lot of hand dryer evolution has taken place in their century long history, with products getting better and better every year as we’ve seen with the emergence of hands-in, low energy consumption, and high power products over the past few years. We’re excited to see what hand dryers 2018 reveals (we might even have a few surprises of our own). What’s better is that, at Blow Motion, hand dryer prices also tend to get better as time goes on!

We’ve already discussed what products we think are our best hand dryers in each of our categories in a previous blog post from 2017. Now that we’re in a new year, we thought we’d revisit our best hand dryers with a focus on hitting three different price points: budget, mid range, and high end. Hopefully, this guide will give you an easy insight into what Blow Motion hand dryer best suits your budget!

Budget Hand Dryers

Budget hand dryers are perfect for the business that’s looking for a quality product with no frills. While more modern, high-tech products will exist, budget options will usually still give you excellent results for a fraction of the price.

Our best budget hand dryer is the MX2000w. This product is built robustly, provides around 100 dries for 2p worth of electricity, and is one of our quietest operating hand dryers at 72db. We sell the MX2000w for just £115, meaning you can buy around 5 dryers for the price of one well-known premium product. 

budget hand dryer

Mid Range Hand Dryers

A step up from the budget level are mid range hand dryers. These products balance price and additional features to provide customers looking for a more premium hand dryer with options in the market. Mid range products fit in excellently in hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Our pick for the best mid range hand dryer at Blow Motion is the HD360B. This product has a recognisable design, with a 360º rotating nozzle and a shiny metallic finish. It’s also the only 900w nozzle dryer in the UK and is a quiet 70db during operation. The HD360P is just £191.99.

High End Hand Dryers

If hand dryer prices don’t matter as much to you as how advanced the product is, high end hand dryers are perfect for you. These will sacrifice ease of affordability to ensure that they’re packed full of the latest technology and features. If you’re buying a high end hand dryer, you can be sure that you’re getting an up to date, future-proofed washroom appliance.

Our best high end option, and also one of our most popular hand dryers in general, is The Ninja. This product boasts a hands-in design that means both sides of your hands are dried at the same time. It is also extremely energy efficient, quiet, and high powered. We charge £354 for our most advanced hand dryer, still significantly cheaper than market-leaders.

high end hand dryer

Excellent Hand Dryers 2018 From Blow Motion

As you can see, our hand dryer prices are reasonable from the budget level through to the high end. If you’re looking for the best hand dryers 2018 has to offer already, this list will give you a head start on finding a product in your price range.

If you’re looking for something not on this list, check out our wider product range or give us a call on 0800 002 9678 and we’ll help you to find your perfect hand dryers at the right price!