5 Reasons To Choose The Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer

5 Reasons To Choose The Ninja Jet Blade Hand Dryer

Finding the perfect hand dryer for your commercial washroom is important for performance and value for money. When you’re investing in new washroom equipment, you want to make sure that the products you’re buying are fast, reliable, and suitable for your needs. However, purchasing the best commercial hand dryer on the market doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you choose Blow Motion!.

We’re proud to supply what we think is one of the best dryers on the market in the form of The Ninja. Aptly named, The Ninja excels with super fast drying speeds and great power. Here are some of the top reasons we think it’s the best commercial hand dryer on the market.

Power and Speed

You’d expect nothing less than power, resilience, and speed from a hand dryer called The Ninja, and we don’t fail to deliver on what the name promises. If time is of the essence in your commercial environment you need hand dryers that deliver a fast and effective hand drying experience so you can be in and out of the washroom in no time!

This dryer uses jet blade technology to dry hands in as little as 10 seconds. As it’s a ‘hands in’ hand dryer, both sides of your hands are dried at the same time too.

Low Volume

The Ninja’s volume during operation is just 72db, making it one of the quietest hand dryers in its class. Particularly in a commercial environment, low volume hand dryers are important for the comfort of the people occupying the building. Loud and obnoxious hand dryers are a thing of the past with modern technology allowing for quieter, more discreet products.

Modern, Luxurious Design

A commercial environment should reflect your brand’s image, particularly in hotels, bars, and restaurants where a clean and luxurious appearance is a must! The Ninja has a great contemporary design with its sleek build and metallic or white finish. It can fit seamlessly into a modern and sophisticated washroom and is the perfect addition to update a dull space.


The most important function of a hand dryer is its ability to thoroughly dry hands and remove bacteria and germs that are left behind after washing. Hand hygiene should be prioritised over fancy designs, but with Blow Motion dryers you get both. We use innovative technology to deliver the most hygienic dry possible.

The Ninja is installed with a HEPA filter to clean the air of bacteria so that only clean air is being blown onto your hands. It also has a wastewater collection tank so that runoff water can be contained and disposed of hygienically.

Cost Effective

For a hand dryer that’s so advanced you would likely expect a hefty price tag and expensive running costs. Compared to other hand dryers on the market, The Ninja is available at an affordable price at just £354 and is worth the investment as their robust build means you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

We also have a focus on all of our hand dryers being energy efficient (and therefore cost effective in the long term too). The Ninja is no exception to this, as its able to dry around 100 pairs of hands for just 3 pence in electricity usage.

Order The Best Commercial Hand Dryer Today!

There is no doubt that The Ninja is the best of its kind as it contains all the features you would need from a dryer in one. It looks great with its unique, modern design, it’s super fast and powerful, hygienic, it also has comfortable temperatures and noise level, and is excellent value for money! If you’re looking for an all-rounder then this is the dryer for you. Order yours today, complete with a two year warranty, and have them by tomorrow. To find out more call our friendly and helpful team on 0800 002 9678.