The Benefits of a Jet Blade Hand Dryer
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Buying a jet blade hand dryer can set you back a little but more than our other automatic hand dryers, but you pay those few extra pounds for good reason. Jet blade dryers are a premium product but, when you buy from Blow Motion, they’re still extremely affordable. Plus, with exceptionally low running costs you will soon feel the benefits of your purchase.

Here is our run down of the top benefits of jet blade hand dryers:

Dry hands in 10 seconds – Every jet blade hand dryer we sell will get a pair of hands dry in around 10 seconds, which is particularly beneficial in areas of high foot traffic like popular bars, pubs, or event venues. Avoid crowded bathrooms in your commercial premises with fast drying jet blades!

Unbelievably low running costs – We manufacture a range of jet blade hand dryers and each one of them can dry 100 per of hands for around 2p! That’s outstanding value for money and will soon turn into savings for your business compared to the ongoing costs of using paper towels. In fact, we estimate that over time you could save up to 97% of the money that you would have spent on paper towels, when you opt for a jet blade product.

Reliability guaranteed – Our jet blades are some of our most reliable hand dryers, making them ideal for even the busiest of settings. Every dryer we sell also comes with a two year warranty as standard, to give you absolute peace of mind that in the unlikely event your hand dryer breaks down, it’ll be replaced promptly.

Sleek and stylish – Jet blade hand dryers are particularly suited to upscale establishments where style is as important as practicality. Technologically advanced, sleek, and low noise, jet blade designs are the dryers of choice for many hotels, restaurants, and bars.

blade hand dryersJet Blade hand Dryerjet blade pro super slim hand dryer

Our jet blade models are also equipped with a range of technological and design features, including HEPA filter which kill airborne bacteria and germs, heat control, dual airflow and waste-water collection. There are also a number of unique design features to choose from including super slim designs, room temperature displays, and colour options.

The benefits of buying a jet blade hand dryer from Blow Motion

There are many reasons to buy your hand dryer from Blow Motion including that our prices can’t be beaten by the big brands and all of our products are 5* consumer rated. We also offer free next working day delivery on all items, as well as discounts on purchases of multiple items. All hand dryers that we sell are eco friendly and covered by warranty. Plus, we have a friendly, UK based team ready and waiting to offer you all the advice and assistance you need before making your purchasing decision.

If you’re in the market for a jet blade hand dryer, or any other type of commercial hand dryer, you can buy quickly and easily through our website and start saving money on paper towels tomorrow! If you have any questions before you buy, contact our team through our website or by calling 0800 002 9678.