Automatic sensor hand dryers and their benefits
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Why choose an automatic hand dryer over a push button?

We are all too familiar with hand dryers. They are in almost every wash room around the World. But why choose an automatic hand dryer as opposed to a push button dryer?

Here are just a few of our thoughts…..


Let’s start with the obvious. Hygiene. When you are in a toilet the last thing that you want to be doing is touching everything. If you are anything like me, I even open the door using my little finger as a hook! Just because you wash your hands doesn’t mean everyone else does! There are also the token people that pop their hands under the tap for a split second pretending to wash as there are other people in the toilet who may judge them if they simply leave without going close to the sink. It’s these people that make the push button dryers so unhygienic. They’ve not even washed their hands and they’ve pushed the button! Imagine the germs! I dread to think…..

Automatic Hand Dryers

Energy Efficiency

Next we move on to energy efficiency. The push button dryers are normally on a timer. They run for around 60 seconds on average. Let’s just say that the hand dryer takes 20 seconds to dry your hands. Its running 3 times longer than it needs to run for. This results in using 3 times as much energy as an automatic alternative that will power up as soon as your hands are detected and power down as soon as they are removed giving no wasted energy.

Life Span

Let’s now talk about moving parts. Push button dryers get a good old thump every time someone wants to dry their hands. Over time this will lead to the dryer failing due to inner parts coming loose. An automatic hand dryer doesn’t (or shouldn’t) get touched meaning that this will never be the case.

Maybe, for you, the jury is still out on Automatic Vs Push Button but we hope that we have given you something to think about in order to make an informed decision. Here at Blow Motion we only sell automatic hand dryers. If you would like to view the Blow Motion range of automatic hand dryers please click here