Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?


The single most important feature of hand hygiene is washing them in the correct way. We all need to do this the right way in order to make certain that germs are completely removed from our hands. It is necessary to ensure that they are dried effectively too, and the quickest and simplest way to achieve this is by using a hand dryer. This is because it is imperative that pathogens that thrive effectively in wet environments, are not permitted to survive on your hands as you leave the bathroom. However, in recent years there have been some questions raised about whether hand dryers are hygienic to use or not.

The Advances in Hand Dryer Technology


It is crucial to make a distinction between the more traditional ideas that some people have of clumsy and outdated commercial hand dryers, and fresh modern models. The brand new and exciting versions of superior hand dryers that are currently available take hygiene seriously. When trying to answer that all important question of whether hand dryers are hygienic or not, you do need to consider how far they have now come. Numerous newer hand dryers include filters to improve hygiene standards. These are more than effective in filtering away damaging microorganisms. This means that they are powerful in improving the quality of the surrounding air which goes through a hand dryer. Advances in dryer technology also means that it is possible to capture certain types of small bacteria and viruses.

Hand dryers are constantly being created to keep up with cutting edge design in safety, as hygiene is a high priority for most consumers. Manufacturers of modern hand dryers are really trying to listen to customer-driven concerns, and they are planning devices which minimise the need to touch the surface of the dryer wherever possible. Many new hand dryers are also now equipped with anti-microbial technology which helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria on the dryer. This also improves upon drying times to advance swift acting hygienic safeguards.

The real truth about hand dryers


Various scientific studies published in well-known medical reviews promote the wellness benefits of hand dryers. They have been almost unanimously proven to be more hygienic in comparison to other drying methods like using paper towels. In reality, they create a dry atmosphere from the continual heating action. Often this means that bacteria counts can be up to four times lower on a dryer in comparison to other surfaces in a bathroom room such as door knobs, taps, and soap dispensers. Put simply, a hand dryer will not add additional bacteria to the air because it is using just the exact same air that you are breathing in.

Hand dryers can burn up bacteria that comes into close contact with its heated coils. Hand dryers additionally will leave no waste material behind, unlike what happens when you use paper towels which can leave behind bacteria.

If you are looking to increase hygiene levels, then you should consider installing as many hands-free bathroom fixtures as it is manageable for you to do. The added benefits of using hand dryers is increased levels of hygiene for all.

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