Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?
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hand dryers are a standard sight in commercial bathrooms in the 21st century, with what seems like full adoption across the UK. The reason they’re so abundant is they do exactly what they need to: dry hands quickly and effectively at a lower cost than paper towels or hand towels.

A question that is emerging in reports and news articles, however, is are hand dryers hygienic?

Hand Dryer Hygiene

After washing your hands in the bathroom, the last thing you want is to be covered in bacteria.
Bathroom bacteria
The fear, pushed by various reports and news articles, is that commercial hand dryers actually have a negative effect on bathroom hygiene as they can gather bacteria and blow it onto the user’s hands. Further to this, people also think that this bacteria is spread around the bathroom itself each time an automatic hand dryer is activated.

These assumptions are based on the idea that hand dryers are breeding grounds for bacteria, when in fact the majority of modern products are specifically designed to avoid bacteria build-ups and are easily serviced/cleaned.

Another concern with commercial hand dryers is that, by using warm air to dry hands, they’re propagating bacteria development by providing a warm and damp environment for germs.

Although some hand dryers do still use warm air, the most up-to-date products consider eco-friendliness and have a cold air option. This, combined with high power capabilities mean that hands can be dried fully in under 10 seconds with most dryers. Warm air or cold, you’ll end up with bone-dry hands which bacteria won’t be enthusiastic about.

As hand dryers are automatic, they also contribute towards a no-touch bathroom environment which further restricts the spreading of germs.

Other Hand Dryer Benefits

Not only are automatic hand dryers no more unhygienic than the alternatives, they also come with many other benefits.

Firstly, they’re much more cost effective than the easiest alternatives. With the majority of hand dryers costing only around 2p-10p per 100 dries, they offer significant savings over costly paper towels.

They’re also far more eco-friendly than paper towels, reducing the waste that a high volume bathroom can create by 100%. Instead of piles of wet paper towels sitting in bins and gathering germs, all you need in your commercial bathrooms is a wall mounted hand dryer.

Our Most Hygienic Commercial Hand Dryers

Although all of our hand dryers are designed to be as versatile as possible, some Blow Motion products stand out above the rest as particularly hygienic.

This list includes:

Commercial hand dryerThe Ninja

With a built in HEPA filter, The Ninja filters bacteria and germs from the air while drying, ensuring that your hands stay as clean as they were when first washed. An extra-large water-collection tray also makes this hand dryer easy to empty and clean.




Hygienic hand dryerThe Cyclone

22 high speed air jets blow the water off your hands in seconds, meaning that you can ensure your hands will be dry and unwelcoming to bacteria after using this dryer. The Cyclone is another product that has a hidden water collection tray that collects waste water to be disposed of hygienically.






The Verdict – Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

So, are hand dryers hygienic? Although research commissioned by paper towel distributors seems to indicate that automatic hand dryers are bacteria spreading devices, there are disputes as to the validity of these claims. One of the most reputable hand dryer manufacturers in the world (you might have heard of them) have done some research on the subject…

The way we see it is that automatic hand dryers solve more problems than they create and have certainly not demonstrated their unhygienic properties to us or our customers.

Perhaps the real issue is not how hands are being dried, but how effectively they’re being washed.