A Guide To Selecting Hand Dryers For Schools
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A Guide To Selecting Hand Dryers For Schools


hand dryers in school bathrooms work hard and dry hundreds and thousands of pupils hands every day. However, schools will not usually be looking for a one size fits all dryer when choosing the perfect hand dryers for schools.

There are a number of things that you may want to consider when choosing your next hand dryer:-

Noise Levels


Often you can install a hand dryer and you will notice the unfortunate effect of how the noise carries. Usually, a manufacturer’s DBA rating will be a reliable source of data on a dryers acoustics levels. Sound can vary depending on the area where you place it. Depending on if you have a hands under dryer or an effective blade hand dryer will also have an impact on noise levels. It is best if you can check your sound levels where they will be fitted, so that you can test the amplification of sound around the building and off surface areas. Look for hand dryers for schools with The Quiet Mark. This is the standard used to ensure that they have a tolerant noise level.

Age of School Children


There are many models that have been designed to directly appeal to children. Many even come with cartoon style graphics for pre-school and infant students. They have over time proved themselves to be impressive in encouraging these age groups to properly dry their hands.



When safety is an issue, as it is in the majority of schools, you need to be picking a hand dryer that has no apparent leverage points. Hand dryers are really effective but they are plainly a target for climbing on, with parts that can be pulled at. This can also be an issue when you do not have hefty walls. Also consider where drainage holes are placed, as with little children around they are at risk of deploying foreign objects. All kinds of school hand dryer are placed at a lower level so get professional advice about your options as these can so easily be kicked.

The Finish


A steel unit with a brushed stainless finish is a great choice for longevity. It is usually the most hard wearing hand dryer and it will be the least attractive to draw on. White units can sometimes attract more graffiti, but they may suit your scheme better. Chrome hand dryers look good but they are easily scratched. You may also want to consider choosing anti-vandal screws which make it more difficult to pull off the wall. Steel back plates should be used where possible as they help to reduce the ability to tamper with covers. Again, if there is nothing to grip on the dryer it is very difficult to pull them from the wall.

UK hand dryer company Blow Motion have developed what seems to be the very first hand dryer that is suited to all age ranges. Their ‘Storm’ hand dryer is constructed from vandal proof stainless steel and has hidden options available for the School caretaker to adapt the settings for the age of the Children.

Option 1: Temperature setting – Not only is this great for cost savings, its also fantastic for preventing burnt fingers. Most young children will keep their hands under the hot air long after they are dry. This will have the same effect as a hair dryer on a dry scalp. Not nice and will certainly put the children off using them again. By turning the heat setting down for the younger children this will eliminate this potential problem.

Option 2: Speed setting – The power of the Storm is going to blow some of the younger Children away when set on high speed, its also going to be a little loud for their small ears. By turning the speed down it will soften the airflow as well as reduce noise levels.

As well as the immense savings that your school can make from not having to buy paper towels, there is additionally lots of time saved not having to clean up the mess that towels can make on your bathroom floors. Installing good quality hand dryers in schools just makes sense.

Visit Blow Motion’s hand dryers for schools page, where you’ll find the ‘Storm’ hand dryer and so much more…

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