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Hand Dryers by Blow Motion – Serving the UK for Commercial Hand Dryers

Hand dryers have been around for as long as we can remember and can be found in almost all washrooms, commercial and non-commercial. Here at Blow Motion, we have developed a range of high powered, low energy consumption electric & automatic commercial dryers that have set a new benchmark in the washroom supplies industry and taken the UK by storm.

With so many big brand names already out there, some people are asking the question…

Why Choose Blow Motion Hand Dryers?

Our Blow Motion® branded commercial hand dryers range is equal to, if not better than many of the well-known hand dryer brands out there, and at a fraction of the cost. This means great savings for everyone who chooses Blow Motion.

Because we specialise in hand dryers, we know what it takes to get it right. We have recently been awarded an overall average of 5 star status by independent reviews site, reviews.co.uk. This gives our customers the peace of mind that we are a company that prides itself on making sure we do a great job, as well as installing confidence that all of our past customers would recommend our hand dryers to friends, colleagues and potential buyers such as yourself.

We appreciate it’s not a case of one size fits all and we have various styles and colours to suit all tastes, from the classic design (with revolving nozzle) featured in washrooms across the world, to the latest in jet blade’ technology which will literally dry your hands in seconds. They are suitable for any environment, including public houses, schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, football grounds and cinemas to name but a few!

With thousands sold worldwide since 2012, you can have complete peace of mind when purchasing from Blow Motion. Starting from just £116 net for a conventional warm air type, right up to the very latest in jet blade technology, we will have the right-hand dryer for you so give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for!

Purchase Electric & Automatic Commercial Hand Dryers Online

Our hand dryers are all low energy and eco-friendly, costing the average business around £10 per year to run. Considering the price of a box of paper hand towels, they will literally pay for themselves in under twelve months.

The Blow Motion team will always provide you with clear and easy to understand information regarding your choice. We won’t try and baffle you with jargon and will always put your needs first. Should you require assistance in making your choice, whether it is a refurbishment, a new build or just a replacement, our friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice.

If you are looking for quality, cost effective, long lasting dryers, make sure you take the time to browse through our comprehensive range of products and get in touch with us today if you have any questions.

Choosing the Right Commercial Hand Dryer

We always encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your hand dryer requirements, however, to make things a little easier we have created a brief overview of the types of hand dryer available to you:

10 Seconds Fast Drying Range: All of our fast hand dryers in this section will dry hands in around 10 seconds. Perfect for busy pubs, office blocks, call centres and restaurants to name but a few. A lot of people associate fast hand dryers with being very loud as well as being very pricey. Our selection, however, has been designed specifically to find that perfect balance between speed and quality as well as remaining sensibly priced. We have ensured that the DB level (the volume) of the dryers never goes above 75. This makes our fastest hand dryers no louder than a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner.

Automatic Start/Stop: Our automatic commercial hand dryers are a common hand drying solution, and a popular alternative to push button dryers. Automatic hand dryers are activated using an infra-red sensor; they are generally more reliable and require less maintenance than push button dryers since they have less moving parts. This is far more convenient for commercial building owners and members of their management in charge of maintaining such equipment. The key to a smooth running business is reduced problems, and with automatic hand dryers, your problems will be minimal. Our extensive online shop features hand dryers comparable with some of the best manufacturers and brands in the business, including the Dyson Air Blade, the Xlerator series by Excel, the World Dryer Air Force, and many others.

Bespoke / Customisable: When we refer to customisable hand dryers we mean exactly that. Your design will be on the case of the dryer made to your specification. Your customisable hand dryers can match the theme of the bathroom, the office, or your business branding. They can be colourful, quirky, vibrant and realistically, they can portray any message you wish! It’s an opportunity to share success stories, publish facts or figures about your company that the staff may not know and when used cleverly, can potentially leave users thinking about what they have read for hours afterward.

Brushed & Polished Chrome: Chrome finishes are increasingly popular choices for hand dryers, providing a modern look without compromising durability and performance, while blending perfectly with most types of décor. Our hand dryers are available in a range of fine chrome finishes, including satin chrome, matt chrome and brushed chrome. Blow Motion’s extensive range of chrome hand dryers is available in a variety of configurations, including energy efficient and eco-friendly options, giving you the freedom you need to make the right decision.

Budget Busters: When you think of a budget solution or product, you associate problems and poor quality. Would a budget hand dryer withstand even the most lightweight use without concerns? Is it a worthwhile investment in the long-run? Well luckily for you, we have spent years in the industry working relentlessly to supply a hygienic, energy efficient and above all, affordable hand drying solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our range of budget hand dryers are ideal for companies looking to provide good quality hand dryers for their staff and customers at a great price.

Cheap But High Quality: Boasting a performance and efficiency which is comparable with some of the washroom supply industry’s leading brands, our cheap hand dryers are available in a variety of colours and styles designed to suit a variety of aesthetic needs. From schools and colleges through to restaurants and football grounds, these appliances are suited to all kinds of environments – particularly where hygiene is of the utmost importance, and all at a very affordable price.

Cold Air / Energy Efficient: Perfect for organisations or companies who are looking to save energy in every corner of their business, cold air hand dryers use a staggering 80% less energy than their warm air equivalents. This ensures that not only will your cold air hand dryer quickly pay for itself, but it can also save you money in the long-term.

Commercial Use: Blow Motion have taken time over the years to specially develop an advanced range of commercial hand dryers, suitable for a wide range of commercial premises. Commercial hand dryers found within this range are ideal for toilets in pubs, bars, restaurants, retail premises, offices and a wide range of other commercial set ups. Designed and developed under the Blow Motion brand, the high powered, innovative, commercial hand dryers found within this range offer an equally high performance as with the bigger manufacturers, only without the expensive prices you might have noticed prior to visiting Blow Motion.

Eco Friendly Selection: Should you be looking to cut costs and save money, Blow Motion offer a range of environmentally friendly eco-hand dryers, suitable for a wide range of businesses. From sporting venues to schools, offices to restaurants, energy saving hand dryers provide the perfect solution to saving money. Within no time at all, your business, sports club or educational establishment, will benefit from great savings. Any money spent on the purchasing of your Blow Motion eco-friendly hand dryer will be recouped in a matter of months.

Entire Electric Range: Electric hand dryers are found almost anywhere, including airports, coach and rail stations, restaurants, pubs and bars, tourist attractions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and colleges, and many more popular establishments. In addition to standard hand dryers, we stock a range of high-speed, fast-drying electric hand dryers; these are great options for a busy restroom.

Commercial Hand Dryers For Schools: We are the leading supplier of hand dryers to The UK Education Sector, specially selected with schools in mind. Blow Motion offers a cost-effective and hygienic option for your school, college or university. To date we have placed hundreds of hand dryers into schools up and down the Country. Did you know that installing one of our dryers could save you up to 97% on your school washroom bill vs paper towels! Our energy efficient ‘Eco’ models such as the MX2000 or Cyclone will deliver 100 dries for just two pence. Compare that to the cost of paper towels and the savings that could be made. These dryers will literally pay for themselves in under a year.

High Speed Range: Year on year we see businesses from offices to restaurant, bars and service stations take the jump and invest in our high speed hand dryers knowing they will have a much more productive and cost effective solution for many years to come. These high speed hand dryers are ideally suited to both commercial and retail environments and are particularly popular in nightclubs, bars and restaurants, but their compact nature and versatility means that they can be used just about anywhere!

Hygienic ‘With Air Filters’: When it comes to commercial organisations and commercial hand dryers – particularly restaurants, hotels and other similar establishments – hygiene is of paramount importance. Not only are our range of hand dryers incredibly hygienic but they have also been thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet with all of the necessary safety and reliability standards. All of our dryers are RoHS and CE approved, a testament to their quality.

Jet Blade / Hands In: Jet Blade hand dryers are attractive and sleek options for style-conscious buyers; their contemporary design makes them one of the most popular electric hand dryers in the world. These types of hand dryers are typically more expensive than standard automatic hand dryers. Why? Because they have been specially developed over many years to ensure the very best performance. Jet blade hand dryers should be number one on your shopping list if you wish to scrap hand towels and make the sensible switch to a quick, hygienic solution.

Low Energy Use Range: Our low energy hand dryers will save money and time, as well as reduce your energy footprint. Energy efficient hand dryers provide excellent cost savings and value for money, and help you lower your energy costs. Generally, they also require less time to fully dry hands.

Low Noise Range: Hand dryers are notorious for their somewhat loud and abrasive audible output, however the low noise hand dryers we stock are specifically designed to eliminate this issue. What’s more, they don’t compromise on any of the other essential features of a hand dryer, such as hygiene, energy efficiency and reliability.

Quiet & Fast Drying: Quiet hand dryers are a must-have option when minimising noise is essential. From theatres to healthcare facilities, there are often times where silence is needed. Blow Motion offers you the most quite hand dryers, including models with adjustable motors. Although quiet hand dryers can be convenient, buyers will sacrifice some performance. As a general rule, noisier hand dryers are typically faster and longer lasting.

Stainless Steel & Durable: Our exclusive range of stainless steel hand dryers offers a stylish finish with reliable performance. These quality hand dryers suit almost any washroom and facility, giving you a very attractive look and durability. We have a selection of both automatic and manual stainless steel models.